Saturday, May 29, 2004

Entering the enterprise zone

...Oxfam - aid agency, cafe proprietor and now purveyor of downloadable music - is winning plaudits from charity marketing experts for its entrepreneurial attitude as it moves into territory far from traditional tin-rattling to raise awareness and money. Guardian Unlimited
A kind of the downloadable music is Noise. This venture supported by Coldplay and George Michael. Unfortunately the website is available for only Windows users. Is it OK?

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Saatchi 'devastated' by art blaze

Modern art mogul Charles Saatchi has spoken of his loss after a warehouse fire destroyed more than 100 artworks from his famous collection. BBC News

In pictures: Lost artworks

It was big fire. The fire broke out on Monday and there were still small fire on Wendsday. The big modern art warehouse disappeared. Although I am not a fan of sense of Saatchi collection, it was shocked for me.

YK is riding a segway.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

I went to the exhibition of Rika Noguchi at the Hara Museum today.
She seems to affirm everything of the world strongly. And she dives into the world as a part of it. Her photographs reflesh the viewers. If I were a critic, I would be ashamed to use vocabulary of the art/photo critic for her photos. I see freedom in the sky and the sea which she has been taking.

I bought CDs of Spangle call Lilli line at the Tower Record in Shibuya.

Exercising JT at her home.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Subway Officials Seek Ban on Picture-Taking

New York City Transit yesterday proposed a ban on unauthorized photography, filming and videotaping on city subways, buses and Staten Island Railway trains. ... by The New York Times

If it would be gone, the NY city would be more boring without doubt. I think about Japanese situation, it would be impossible. Taking picture with digital camera, and small camera with cell pnone became a behavier of everyday life.
Nowaday it is not recognized as an artistic behavier. But it's true that's still something of a kind of expression. It might be said a kind of memorize. This is a rule limited in the tranportation. However I wouldn't like to imagine how the people who be banned taking pictures would be.




Wednesday, May 19, 2004

いま、著作権法の改正案が提出されているのをご存じだろうか。そしてその中の大きなポイントに、日本版がある外国版CDの輸入を禁止しよう、というとんでもない条項が入っていることを。... by 山形浩生 2004年4/10付 朝日新聞
もうすでに参議院で可決してしまってる、っていうことも(それも全会一致で)、驚いてしまうのですが、いやはや、この国の国会でまかりとおることは驚くことばかりです。この法案が可決されてしまったら、もしかして海外盤CDが輸入(個人輸入でさえも)が難しくなってしまうかもしれないという、信じられないような時代錯誤な法案です。もともとは海賊版の流入からの国内盤の保護として打ち出されたらしいのですが、たった68万枚の海賊版のために、海賊版とは関係のない正規の海外盤CD6千万枚が規制対象になってしまうと、音楽ファンの間では騒然となっています。アンタ、もしそんなことをしたら、国内の流通業者だのアーティストだの、レーベルだのを守るとかなんとかいうよりも、音楽産業、文化自体が滅んでしまうよ、ということには、国会議員、および文化庁の偉いさんたちはぜーんぜん気がつかないらしい。あるいは気付いてるんだけど、売れ線のみの日本盤CDの販売を確保しておきたい大手のレコ会社に尻尾ふってるのかな。そんなことして何になる? それは、結局は音楽の聴き手作り手の裾野を狭め、質を低下させてゆくだけで、ちっとも儲け話じゃないんだって、想像力というもののかけらもないらしい。それにこのような大反発を招くような法案を、年金問題の陰で、こそこそと知らぬ間に通そうとしているのがものすごく気持ち悪い。それを大声でとりあげないマスコミも、もうこの国のマスコミはどうしようもない腰抜けぞろいなのですが、いつにもまして仕事というものをしていないらしい。音楽を規制するということが、どれだけ薄気味の悪いことの前兆なのか考えると背筋が寒くなる。これは音楽だけの問題ではなくて、あるもっと大きなものへの迫害なのかもしれない。これからはもっともっと耳をすましていなければいけないのだ。

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Where Art Studio Meets Science Lab

The exhibition, on display until June 18, is called "Reprotech: Building Better Babies?" It uses visual imagery to illustrate and, Mr. Moreno hopes, spark debate about some of the most controversial topics in biology today: genetically engineered "designer babies," otherworldly pre-embryos, donor eggs as commodities and various other ideas about fetuses, fossilized and nonfossilized.......There is always the risk, of course, that sci-art will turn out to be a hybrid beast, its practitioners creating either science-oriented art that is not very good artistically, or artistic science that is not scientifically rigorous. But the attempt to cultivate relationships between artists and scientists is crucial. We live in a culture dominated by Hollywood images that distort people's understanding of complex issues in reproductive technology. ... by The New York Times

'Oldest printed book' on display

A book thought to be the oldest surviving printed book in the world has gone on display at the British Library..... ... by BBC News

The Exhibition "The Silk Road" was started at the British Library. This oldest book is one of the exhibits. You can see this roll book on the site of the British Library We can see this book on the net with shockwave . I recommend seeing via Broadband. The detail is beautiful. The person who made this copy recorded his name; Wang Jie , hope; Buddist merit for both himself and his parents, and date; May 11, 868 on the end of the roll. So we can see this is the oldest printed work in the world. This has made for universal free distribution. Now it realised via the Internet as the oldest one of the print media.

世界で最も古い本(金剛般若経)が英国図書館で行われている「シルクロード」展で公開されています。これは敦煌の洞窟のなかに保存されていたのを、ベルギー出身の探検家が1907年に発見したというものです。巻末にある写経の記録によって、868年5月11日にWang Jieという人が、自分と両親への仏の加護を願って作ったことがわかりました。奇跡的に完璧な状態で保存されていたのは、1000年頃にこの洞窟が密閉されたため。その土地が乾燥地帯だったことも幸いしています。
英国図書館のサイトのシルクロード展のページから、この巻き物をshockwaveでくるくるスクロールして見ることができます。ぜひBroadband ver.で見て下さい。ディテールが素晴らしい。Wang Jieは世界的にこの書物が流通することを願って作ったはずなのですが、洞窟が密閉されたため1000年以上その目的を果たせなかった。しかし、密封されていて、それが後にしかるべき人によって発見され、このような時代に公開されたために、「仏教」というコンテンツよりも「最古の本」というメディアそのものに注目されて、高速で世界中に流通できたというわけです。あー、なんか不思議。

Friday, May 07, 2004

Disney says Michael Moore row is 'PR stunt'

Disney has accused Michael Moore of engineering the furore about its refusal to distribute his new anti-Bush film Fahrenheit 911. . ... by Guadian Unlimited



Gore TV targets US twentysomethings

Al Gore's ambition to become a media player have come to fruition after he unveiled a multimillion pound deal to buy a TV channel he plans to transform into an independent station for twentysomething viewers. ノノHowever, Mr Gore countered longstanding speculation that he would relaunch it as a leftwing alternative to rightwing news channels such as Rupert Murdoch's Fox News... ... by Guardian Unlimited

Murdoch's News Corp earnings jump nearly 70 percent なのだそうです。この人のネットワークがブッシュ政権とイラク戦争を支えてるのです。

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

EU came to be 25 countries on 1st May. The language also increased to 20.
I found the site where we can study basic words with pronunciation, family tree and so on.
Languages across Europe

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I've moved to Ogaki city from Kyoto in the end of March.
There are some festivals having the floats with dolls and children's Kabuki in Gifu.
I've planned on going to the festival in Hashima today.
But it was raining all day and the parade was cancelled.
So I achieved the maintenance of this blog site at last.