Saturday, August 23, 2003

Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla met ASIMO with Japan Prime Minister Koizumi.

Robot shows stiff politician how to loosen up

Prague - A robot with impeccable manners charmed guests at a state dinner with his wisecracks and dancing, outshining Czech Prime Minister Vladimir Spidla and showing up his often-mocked social stiffness. ...Spidla smiled at the robot but seemed at a loss for witty conversation. ... by Reuter

I remember that the robot Karel Capek described in his novel was not positive meaning. Koizumi should mind the cultural difference about robot between the Japanese and the European people. The Japanese's affection for robot is unusual in the world. Perhaps it's not only about robot that he must mind.
I've seen ASIOMO twice at different places in Japan in this summer.
One was at a science museum in Tokyo. And another one was at the department store Takashimaya in Kyoto. ASIMO seemed to demonstrate as a character of action TV dramas like "Kamen Rider", "Ultra Man" and "Power Ranger" for children. Usually, the shows which a young and minor actor acts are held at the stores as a attraction for bored children in Japan. He, not "it", might need to gain on provincial tours.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003





シャヒードShaheedとは、自らの信念、祖国、理念のために亡くなった殉教者を意味し、語源的には確実な証人(faithful witness)を意味するのだそうです。
その夜、四条河原町で「シャヒード展、街へ!」のイベントに参加した。四条河原町近辺で30人以上の人が参加。ひとり、ひとりずつのシャヒードのポートレートと遺品の写真のパネルを持ち、静かに街頭に立つというもの。私はチラシに載っていたSalah Al-Najmiくんのポートレイトを持つ。彼は16才でデモ中に狙撃された。(16才というのはシャヒードのなかでは驚くべき年齢ではない。いえ、驚いてしまうのですが。ほんとうに小さな、青年とは呼べない少年たちが、どんどん撃たれているのだ)私は彼とともに街頭に立つ。彼にとって1時間と45分の間、街頭でじっと立つなんてことは不可能だったに違いない。生前はその存在を気にもとめなかったであろう島国で、彼の記憶(物語)が、見知らぬ人間の記憶に移って行く。

There were a huge electric failure in New York. So the people had 24-hour party. As the sun began to go down, people started to gather in small groups outside their buildings or on stoops with beers and candles. It was, after all, too hot to sit inside. Perhaps too there was a little excitement from the trepidation of what was to come. On the other hand, we heard that 3000 people died by heat in France. Most of them were old people. Here, in Japan, it is eerie cool.

The exhibition called "Shaheed - 100 Lives" opened on 15 in Kyoto after it held in Tokyo. This is memorial exhibition about the Shahada - plural of Shaheed - of Intifada. Shaheed meens person who is killed for a cause: his/her faith, homeland, or ideas. Etymologically, a Shaheed is a "faithful witness". The exhibition is consist of photographes and mementos of 100 shahada. This was organized by Adila Laidi, the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre. And curated by the artist Samir Salameh. They intend to show the personal lives not the number of death by the conflicts. That's only Japan which is held expect Arabian countries. The excellent book was also translated and published in Japan. This is an another achievement of this project.
Additionally, the event which involved this exhibition on 15 night in Kyoto. It was planned by the people support this project in Kyoto. The Photographs of portrait and memento went out to Kyoto town Shijyo Kawaramachi with approximately 30 people. Each participates handed a photo panel in which came out a portrait and a memento of one shaheed. It likes a silence performance, vigil. They spoke nothing. They were just standing on the street where were full of the tourists visited Kyoto to see the festival on the next day. I participated this event with one shaheed. The boy who was died at 16 must never has stood on the street in their country as me.

Friday, August 15, 2003

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